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 photo 0fab4f7a846711e396a212dd559b4989_8_zpsa222eb66.jpgThe worst weather can create the most beautiful views.

 photo 8934b8787edf11e3930d0e08ef1db704_8_zps46008d02.jpg I've just added a few more stuff to the blog's shop, check it out

 photo 9f05affc851c11e3bae5122554e9122d_8_zps4a133c56.jpg Kind of Valentines tshirt, available soon at High Heels Suicide 

 photo 1971a41281da11e3bf530ec01848ca67_8_zps17d52b7e.jpg Hey

 photo 25239578837311e3a03a12d8ffa77685_8_zps951ee411.jpg Breakfast, lunch and dinner on the road. 

 photo db3930967c5911e3816c12045ea5e329_8_zpsd8ef23c1.jpg Finally sun 

 photo bf9699d4835a11e3bbfe0ace4e1335d0_8_zps5d33a19f.jpg New sale rack on High Heels Suicide (we've just put tons of new tops, everything up to 50% off, pay a look here!) 

 photo 0ebe546a7fc911e3bdbb0e994376b16f_8_zps7ed0f16d.jpg

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