art basel miami photo diary

 photo miamiIMG_4348_zpsecf74d83.jpg  photo miamiDSC_0040_zpsc6c80410.png  photo miamiIMG_4128_zps6c9fa2f5.jpg  photo miamiDSC_0094_zpsd8c42667.png  photo miamiDSC_0121_zps624b3c50.png  photo miamiDSC_0345_zps86921803.png  photo miamiIMG_3965_zps37c538cd.jpg  photo miamiDSC_0569_zps5dc44d9b.png  photo miamiIMG_3830_zps959eaa70.jpg  photo miamiIMG_4341_zpsea2629e9.jpg  photo miamiIMG_4340_zps102865ca.png  photo miamiDSC_0533_zpsd0c41759.png  photo miamiDSC_0511_zpsffd380b3.png  photo miamiIMG_4238_zps227833a0.jpg  photo miamiDSC_0308_zps18f09985.png  photo miamiDSC_0474_zps401e62b2.png  photo miamiDSC_0076_zpsf6c868bb.png  photo miamiDSC_0148_zps14650548.png  photo miamiDSC_0202_zps2bcf6bd1.png  photo miamiDSC_0423_zps8d1bba8d.jpg  photo miamiDSC_0415_zps76bc8acb.jpg  photo miamiDSC_0422_zpsf9eb8041.jpg  photo miamiDSC_0410_zps790d7869.jpg  photo miamiDSC_0408_zpsebe58255.png  photo miamiIMG_3829_zps9b2e7d32.jpg  photo miamiIMG_3719_zps209b7000.jpg  photo miamiDSC_0298_zps9704ab9a.jpg  photo miamiIMG_3907_zps1a50539a.jpg  photo miamiDSC_0294_zpsaf88f3b7.jpg  photo miamiIMG_4049_zpsf0b5664c.jpg  photo miamiIMG_3850_zpse5f4b46d.jpg  photo miamiIMG_4169_zps3a9b7253.jpg  photo miamiIMG_4205_zps121f90ca.jpg  photo miamiIMG_4189_zps438660fa.png  photo miamiDSC_0532_zpsf2c14a7c.jpg  photo miamiIMG_3841_zps04d4b78c.jpg  photo miamiDSC_0251_zpsadbd0c43.jpg  photo miamiDSC_0249_zps51732033.jpg  photo miamiIMG_3807_zps282021dc.jpg  photo miamiphoto-44_zpsdc7a81ec.png  photo miamiIMG_4258_zps180d3529.jpg  photo miamiIMG_4322_zpsc610c211.png  photo miamiIMG_3746_zps12364ed8.png  photo miamiDSC_0375_zps82ac6986.jpg  photo miamiDSC_0018_zpse0d24a52.jpg  photo miamiIMG_4114_zpsd7a6fc6f.jpg  photo miamiDSC_0390_zps40d98723.jpg  photo miamiIMG_3973_zpsad43ef9f.jpg  photo miamiIMG_4430_zpse26cf321.png  photo miami01_zps1762e585.jpg

Choosing "just a few" pictures was a really tedious labor, Miami is such a photogenic city, man! Every place looks like a perfect holiday postcard and the weather made it even more perfect (80ºF in december, come on share with Europe!) and also forced me to wear Birkenstock all-time... Wish I had more time to lay down on the beach -at least it was enough to arrive home with tan lines yay!- but we had a hectic week setting High Heels Suicide pop up shop in new Fox House boutique (if you're in the area you must come and visit it, 215NW 36th Street, Miami, FL) and Art Baseling with my cutiepie Tobi. I feel like I left part of my heart there.

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