photo straydressunifDSC_0041_zps88c824e6.png  photo straydressunifDSC_0067_zpsd4996c9f.png  photo straydressunifDSC_0093_zpsb94cdc1e.png  photo straydressunifDSC_0115_zpsca18d79a.png Unif dress and shoes from Dolls Kill, Gypsy Warrior vest, sunglasses from ShopJeen

This is how a Bratz wears a frayed shower curtain, or so they say...
You asked me about ordering from Dolls Kill several times, first of all let me tell you that this is not an sponsored post but I can't make an impartial opinion either... because this is my (second) favorite online store. The stuff is the raddest, fast shipping and cute dolls behind, I totally recommend it a lot. By the way, if you're curious about my very favorite e-shop, High Heels Suicide is at the top of my list, heart, head, soul and spirit, and we're offering 40% off sitewide, peace! =)

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