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She's a big teaser, she took me half the way there. She's a big teaser, she took me half the way there, now. She was a day... tripper, one way ticket, yeah! Just had to post it.

So you asked me about where I take my pics, if I plan every outfit and last but not least, if I exchange shoes after shooting. So most of them are planned shoots, but not planned outfits, I mean, when I'm getting dressed I'm not thinking is this look is blog-appropiated, if it works I will try to find a gap to take some snapshots, but if I feel like trash I won't immortalize that day for the rest of my life... I think the background is a very important complement but, I don't usually have too much time to shoot -that's the reason why I repeat landscape over and over- but if I can, I will try to find a nice place that matches the outfit. Regarding shoes, believe me, I'm wearing 6 inch monsters full-time... I'm not flat-friendly, 2 inch is my lower limit, underneath that I look like a lost baby duck. The proof is here, same outfit, same shoes, the only difference is this big Zara mirror that would love to steal for my apartment.
Finally, for all those who've asked, I'm wearing a pair of not seen silk black shorts, it's a pretty but too revealing dress.

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