Wow my mood increases 100+ points when I see the sun from the bed, feeling full of energy today! I started my day off with a healthy mix of fiber plus vitamins and wearing a cannibal inspired outfit. Quick visit to the Post Office to ship all your packages (I won't get tired of saying how grateful I'm with you and all the support High Heels Suicide is receiving!), Zara and Mango later (I've got some things on mind) and gym to finish the morning.
Remember use code ONEWEEKBDAY to get free shipping ordering at least to pieces, go now.


  1. Me encanta cuando publicas tus cenas en Twitter, muchas veces he pensado "Que contradictorio, un día se va al McDonals a comer hamburguesas y al siguiente toma muesli!" Pero me encanta por que se ve que sabes como cuidarte a pesar de cualquier posible exceso de calorias o grasas saturadas. Que Dios bendiga a LA! Un besote guapa.

    PD: También me gusta el outfit!

  2. Nice idea for a healthy breakfast. I can imagine a few strawberries on the plate. hummmmm!

    by M.



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