This is in response to your enquiries about my eyes make up.
First of all I apply a base of dark brown shadow over the whole eyelid and lower lip, I pick a lighter color for cover the lower lip again from lash line to crease, then I a bit of bronze/gold at the tear duct and black from the outer corner to the mid. I use a brush #14 by Sephora and a #275 by MAC to smudge. I totally recommend you the Naked palette by Urban Decay, all the shadows between gold and brown in one, suits really well brown eyes. For black, if you're like me and prefer a really black one instead a shiny one, go for Carbon Matte by MAC. Smudge well to avoid a three tone look. Dark brown eyeliner pencil close to lashes, smudging again and mascara. This is a job/school everyday look, for weekend or special days I add false lashes (after mascara), liquid eyeliner and mascara again. (I'm quite addicted to fake lashes)
This is my favorite way to make up eyes, sometimes I apply a bit of dark green with bronze to make them look lighter, or burgundy with burnt orange in the corner and lower lip to get a drama look (my mom calls it "the junkie eyes").
I'm curious about your makeup rituals, so please, share here your tips! xx


  1. I loved this, I do it very similarly!


  2. you have to make a video how you do it because your eyes are so beautiful :)


  3. so cool! would you make a video?

  4. Love the shot of you! Looking so beautiful, babe xoxo


  5. Naked palette is the greatest thing ever & your hat is freaking fantastic!



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