I don't follow religiously any makeup or skin care product, but lately I'm a frecuent consumer of these:
1. La Roche-Posay Effaclar K, goes really well with my oily skin, not unctuous, smoothes the skin and leaves it soft. Is a good prep, I'm using this instead of MAC Prep+Prime at the moment.

2. My favourite foundation right now is the Studio Fix from MAC with SPF 15. MAC and Christian Dior have the best shades for my skin, that usually changes three times per year... I always apply previously the matifiant cream Matte (also from MAC), if you're oily skin too you must try this, reduces shines and adds foundation longer lasting. Maybe that's the only one product I couldn't live without since I tried it.

 3. I don't remember where I bought this brush (Sephora?) but is a very useful weapon to apply creams, lotions and foundations.

4. One more MAC product: Magically cool liquid powder. The effect is amazing, reduces a too makeup effect adding a natural glow. Glitter free, 70% water.

 5. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye, I discovered thanks to my mom. I buy it and I refill three little jars like this to carry it everywhere. I use it at the night, morning and sometimes midday when my eyes look tired.

6. The eyebrows kit from Anastasia of Beverly Hills, as easy as choose the right stencil, apply wax cream and cover with the powder to get a pair of perfect twins brows. Available for blondes and brunettes.

7. False lashes are a bonus. These from Born Pretty are fabulous, they come with a complete tool kit that makes so much easier the application. The tickest, the best, but just for night time. (<-- Get a 10% off at Born Pretty with the code: LAJ61)

8. Maybelline Volum Expres mascara, it's cheap, it works and I like it.

9. I don't usually apply lipstick, but my lips always wear Vaseline or Neutrogena lip balm (I've got one of these in every bag)

10. Sensai Silky bronze by Kanebo. Not the typical orange carrot self tanner. My face loses it's tan faster than body leaving a white ghost effect that I hate, not a fan of solariums either, so applying a layer of this lotion every week I get a natural and healthy tone throughout the year.


  1. Yo tb uso los 2 primeros productos y la vaselina! Me parecen estupendos!!
    Y al leer tu comentario me dan ganas de probar los polvos de Mac, tienen muuuy buena pinta
    Un besito

  2. The Estee Lauder night repair is also one of my weapons

  3. Siempre se te ve genial maquillada...me encanta!!

  4. Thanks for sharing it with us;)


  5. me encanta tu blog, pero ultimamente solo escribes en ingles y yo "poquito" traduce pleaseeee

  6. Must try MAC products and the self tanner! LOVE IT! Thanks for the product loves :)



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