I received tons of mails asking me about online shopping, about the risks, stores, credit card or paypal? So I decided make a post about it that might clarify some of your doubts. Hope you like it and don't hesitate to contact me if you need help.

- I recommend you open a paypal account, you can use it in almost every e-store, it's easy and safe to buy online. Also a credit card just for this kind of dealings is a good choice.
- The most important at all is choose a reliable site, if you have doubts about it, put the name on google and read opinions.Take note: nobody sell Chanel 2.55 for 100€...
- And now that you're ready to burn your wallet, here I leave you some of my favourite sites to shop:

Recibí un montón de mails preguntándome acerca de comprar online, si tiene riesgos, en qué tiendas comprar, tarjeta o paypal? Así que decidí hacer un post acerca que puede que os aclare algunas de vuestras dudas. Espero que os guste y no dudeis en escribirme si necesitais ayuda.

- Os recomiendo que os abrais una cuenta paypal, se puede usar en casi todas las tiendas, es fácil de usar y segura para comprar online. Tener una tarjeta para este tipo de operaciones también es una buena opción.
- Lo más importante es escoger una web fiable, si no estais seguros: búsqueda en google y leer opiniones. Nota: nadie vende el Chanel 2.55 por 100€...
- Y ahora que ya estais listos para quemar tarjeta, aquí os dejo mis sitios preferidos:

- Asos, Zara and Topshop (daily visit) 100% RELIABLE
- Pixieknitwear (fantastic knit stuff and now mesh panel bodies)
- Dixi (vintage and modern unique pieces) Use the code: LABLOGMEETSDIXI to get a 10% off.
- Wholesale-dress  (cheap and huge selection, reliable believe me)
- Yesstyle (love the coats and bags) Use the code: YSAS2011AUG1 to get 5$ off.
- Romwe (nice tops, dresses and sweaters) Use the code: fb0eb1226b to get a 5% off
- Nastygal (unique, needless to say)
- 30cancan (just one word: dresses) Use the code: LA to get a 10% off
- CoalnTerryVintage (not awesome, AWESOME studded shorts) Use the code: lablog to get a 50% off (just till tomorrow, quick!)
- Modekunge (love the sweaters)
- DollsKill (apart from the cool foxtails now they have new cool cloth brands, you must visit it) Use the code: LABLOGLOVE to get a 15% off.
- Threadsence (they have a great lookbooks to pick ideas)
- Needsupply (tops and accesories, my favs)

Favourite vintage online stores:
- Ebay (search out from Spain)
- Dixi, remember use the code LABLOGMEETSDIXI to get a 10% off.
- MyFoxHouse (they also have modern and cool lookbooks)
- RockPaperVintage (that's vintage!)

Shoes, shoes, shoes:
- Solestruck and Shopakira for sure! (Killer Jeffrey Campbells)
- Karmaloop (all the cool brands you can imagine, since shoes to sunnies with good prices and discounts)
- Stevemadden (love their leopard footwear)
- Lulus (another great site to get JC among others) use the code LABLOG to get a 15% off (just for orders from USA and Canada until 21st June)
- Bakersshoes (for the peep toe lovers)
- Needsupply and AnarchyStreet (also have killer shoes)

- LaDama (unique jewelry pieces, and affordable Arty rings)
- Fashionology rocks!
- 80'sPurple (you know how much I adore their sunglasses, also pay a visit to the jewelry section)
- AnarchyStreet (rings, rings, rings)
- DollsKill for sure (who doesn't love their colored foxtails?) Remember, use the code : LABLOGLOVE to get a 15% off

If you're looking for design clothes:
- TheCorner, TheOutnet (their quick sales!), Tobi, MyWardrobe and Shopbop are my recommendations



  1. The only problem I had buying online is when I updated internet explorer to version 9 (the newest). It has a problem and makes your purchases every week again and again!! Except for ebay and amazon. But I bought a birthday gift for my mother in law on a UK website (she lives there), and added some credit to my skype account, bought my mom's a gift for her birthday too on a Belgian website (she lives in Belgium) and bought some clothes on another US website that I don't remember the name of. And exactly each week, it made all the purchases of these exact same things again!! And indeed when you google it, it says the bank Wells Fargo had a problem with that version of Internet Explorer too... So I think internet buying is really save now, never had a problem except for that one.

  2. Hey! Really cool post.
    I was looking at coalnterryvintage and trying to figure out were to put the code you give here on the blog. I can't find the place to introduce the code. Could you help?

  3. La verdad es que a traves de paypal nunca he tenido un problema.


  4. You're a sweetheart!you've put a lot of effort in this post,amazing!Thank you!

  5. Un post muy esperado. Muchas gracias, creo que nos servirá de gran ayuda ;)

  6. Such a helpful (and stylish) list! I just discovered your blog through Fashion Bloggers Revealed and I absolutely love it. Following for sure.

    Thanks for sharing your picks!
    xo, Cat

  7. yo llevo tiempo viendo las cosas de Wholesale-dress y me planteaba comprar pero me da cierta cosita..quería preguntarte has comprado ya? y si lo has hecho ¿cuánto más o menos cobran por el envió del paquete y cuanto te tardaron en enviártelo?



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