Here I leave you a bunch of things I'm looking forward at the moment. When the sales arrive I usually make a list with all I need, want... to try to get everything and don't be lost between bargains. Not all of them are reduced items, simply are stuff I wanna own.

- This minimal dress reminds me to Calvin Klein and Celine collections, love the black zip behind (not seen), Pixie has a great stuff.
- Topshop red wedges, not the typical red shoes.
- It's big, it's soft, it's snakeskin. From Zara.
- I must own a pair of super comfortable shorts, by One Teaspoon via Dollskill.
- Basic pointy heels, not as high as I would like, but I can't afford Louboutins...
- This belt goes really good with ripped shorts.
- I don't like having white wrist, but I love carrying bracelets in summer; as these ones from Isabel Marant.
- I need, need, NEED asap a pair of studded cutoffs by Coal n Terry Vintage.
- A piece of jewellery that goes with my wedding dress and with my style, Mawi via My Wardrobe.
- Need a new pair of Converse, shorts and white.
- Finally I found the perfect trench, thanks to Helmut Lang.
- My cowboy boots need a break, and a substitute, by Kurt Keiger.


lollipop said...

¡Esos pendientes son fantásticos!
¡Adoro tu forma de vestir con ese toque rock! ;)

Ana López said...

Los pantalones rojos son impresionantes:)
Una de mis visitas principales nada mas encender el ordenador es visitar tu blog, lo sigo desde hace un monton de tiempo, me encantaria que te pasaras por mi blog.
Un besito Ana.

Collections said...

Love the kurt keiger boots.

Fashionable Collections

Catherine said...


Anonymous said...

Hola!! soy Cris, decirte que me encanta tu estilo; te sigo en Trendtation y por aqui en tu blog. Yo tambien ando como loca buscando los zapatos de zara con pulserita en el tobillo, estan imposibles!! De todos modos me acordare de tu 38 y si encontrases una 37, te pido lo mismo. Un beso y a seguir asi de increible.

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