candy cane children

 photo freakofnatureromperDSC_0331copia2_zpsc850b4a4.jpg  photo freakofnatureromperDSC_0360copia2_zps56640d8c.jpg  photo freakofnatureromperDSC_0355copia2_zpsea7f6ec7.jpg  photo freakofnatureromperDSC_0325copia2_zps486ad6fd.jpg  photo freakofnatureromperDSC_0368copia2_zps64c70c8b.jpg Zara crop top (similar here), Freak of Nature romper via Asos, old Zara fringe bag, Vagabond boots (very similar here)

Crop sweaters with long sleeves are my current favorite garments, despite the fact that I hate long sleeves without reason. Here wearing a striped one from Zara -that I bought in all the available colors, tell me that I'm not the only one I do this... - with a tiny low back romper that reminds me of my kindergarten years.

Odio las mangas largas, no me preguntéis por qué, pero sin embargo adoro los crop tops de manga larga. Aquí con uno de Zara -que me compré en todos los colores disponibles, decidme que no soy la única que hace eso.. - con un minúsculo mono que me recuerda a mis años de guardería. 

weekend recap

 photo 917062_381756668630685_1780398234_n_zps578d0606.jpg  photo eb49ad4ac0cd11e398710002c9550092_8_zps7ea7a672.jpg photo 1517191_267994736707939_1840226796_n_zps96ae58f9.jpg  photo 10251549_856863074340774_1177418804_n_zpsdd1fcddb.jpg  photo 9772d5e8c1a411e3b42d0002c9e14d1a_8_zpsb6435cc9.jpg  photo 1172015_260641820774307_2046174594_n_zps33aacc32.jpg  photo 51538492c06711e3afd00002c9c80110_8_zpsd95de3b2.jpg

Endless roads
Soy lattes and chunky necklaces
All black nights
Mustard date
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Keeping it simple and lovely

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rise and shine

 photo hbicbootsDSC_0613copia_zpse746ee66.jpg

After being working 24/7 and spending roughly 18 hours a day in front of my computer during the last year, a three months blackout was much-needed. This working routine together with a series of unfortunate personal events became my life into chaos. I got overwhelmed, and decided to take a break to get in touch with my pre-internet brain and wasting my time doing the things I used to love, instead of swallowing all kinds of pills that my doctor prescribed or falling into self-destructive behaviors again... Feeling almost totally recovery now, I've missed blogging during all this time, so want to come back, but I won't put too much pressure on myself, I'll just let it go and have fun as it was in the beginning. So, hi again sweeties!

Después de más de un año trabajando 24/7 y pasar unas 18 horas diarias delante de la pantalla de un ordenador, un apagón de tres meses era más que necesario. Esta rutina de trabajo, unida a una serie de desafortunados sucesos personales convirtieron mi vida en un caos. Sobrepasé mis límites, así que en lugar atiborrarme a pastillas o caer en hábitos de todo menos saludables decidí darme un respiro, tomar perspectiva y disfrutar de nuevo de todo aquello que me gusta. La verdad es que durante todo este tiempo he echado de menos el blog, por lo que ahora que me siento recuperada creo que es el momento de volver; pero esta vez no me lo tomaré muy en serio y procuraré disfrutar tal y como lo hacía al principio.  Así que, hola de nuevo monadas!


week recap in instants

 photo 0fab4f7a846711e396a212dd559b4989_8_zpsa222eb66.jpgThe worst weather can create the most beautiful views.

 photo 8934b8787edf11e3930d0e08ef1db704_8_zps46008d02.jpg I've just added a few more stuff to the blog's shop, check it out

 photo 9f05affc851c11e3bae5122554e9122d_8_zps4a133c56.jpg Kind of Valentines tshirt, available soon at High Heels Suicide 

 photo 1971a41281da11e3bf530ec01848ca67_8_zps17d52b7e.jpg Hey

 photo 25239578837311e3a03a12d8ffa77685_8_zps951ee411.jpg Breakfast, lunch and dinner on the road. 

 photo db3930967c5911e3816c12045ea5e329_8_zpsd8ef23c1.jpg Finally sun 

 photo bf9699d4835a11e3bbfe0ace4e1335d0_8_zps5d33a19f.jpg New sale rack on High Heels Suicide (we've just put tons of new tops, everything up to 50% off, pay a look here!) 

 photo 0ebe546a7fc911e3bdbb0e994376b16f_8_zps7ed0f16d.jpg

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the sky outside is wet and grey, so begins another weary day

 photo fauxfurvestDSC_0049copia_zpsd5bc6153.jpg  photo fauxfurvestDSC_0020copia_zps08bff150.jpg Zara faux fur vest, Asos cardigan, High Heels Suicide tank (coming soon), Asos jeans, Underground boots

Weather is still disgustingly grey and I'm stuck in black skinnies, cozy cardigans and tanks, I don't know how to dress for cold weather, so I've become a mess of layers and stuff. My hair is also a chaos at the moment, quite boring of blonde tips I think I need a change in the form of a pink dye bottle, let's see… 


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